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Coin Dance

Bitcoin Community Resources

Last updated 1160 days ago.

Getting Started with Bitcoin

Name Description
thumb_up First Bitcoin website, started by Satoshi Nakamoto create
thumb_up Bitcoin Core Bitcoin Core is a full Bitcoin client and builds the backbone of the network. It offers high levels of security, privacy, and stability. create
thumb_up | Getting Started create
thumb_up Bitcoin Videos The 10 best videos to watch to learn about Bitcoin. create
thumb_up Coinbase What is Bitcoin? create
thumb_up 99 Bitcoins Helping non technical people getting started with Bitcoin create
thumb_up Zebpay Know what Bitcoin is in 2 minutes (by Zebpay) create
thumb_up CoinDesk A beginner's guide to bitcoin create
thumb_up WeUseCoins What is Bitcoin? Introductory video and resources. create
thumb_up Learn me a Bitcoin A technical guide to bitcoin for beginners. create
thumb_up How Bitcoin Works How Bitcoin Works - The Bitcoinist create
thumb_up Mycryptopedia An educational resource where you can learn about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. create
thumb_up Bitcoin Worldwide The best place to get started with Bitcoin. create
thumb_up Bitcoins Channel Bitcoin News Hubspot create
thumb_up Bitcoin for beginners An introduction to digital currencies. create
thumb_up Bitcoin India A full-stack digital asset exchange and trade platform, digital asset wallet services, a merchant payment gateway, club membership, mining services and a mining pool. create
thumb_up Bitcoin Magazine Stay up to date on Bitcoin developments create
thumb_up Accept Bitcoins on your site. Merchant tools. Bitcoin API. Smartcontracts. create
thumb_up Find companies that accept bitcoin as payment. create
thumb_up Broker Choices Do you trade on Forex or buy and sell Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum? At BrokerChoices we provide you helpful tips and guidance, as well as useful information on choosing the right broker platform. Learn how to maximise your investments with Brokerchoices create
thumb_up Blockchain at Berkeley Open-source content to get you up the speed about the industry create
thumb_up Start Using Bitcoin What is Bitcoin? How to store bitcoins, How to buy bitcoins & Benefits for merchants to accept bitcoin create
thumb_up Coin Spectator Tool for keeping up to date with Bitcoin news in realtime create
thumb_up Reasons to Use Bitcoin We use images, videos, articles, podcasts and products to educate people about Bitcoin create
thumb_up Biterica Gift Bitcoin to any email address create
thumb_up Master Bitcoin For Beginners Online Course for Learning About Bitcoin in an Easy-to-Understand & Practical way. create
thumb_up CryptoManiaks Cryptocurrency Made Simple create
thumb_up Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin - A beginner's guide to Bitcoin for non-technical users. create
thumb_up The People's Money - Bitcoin Free introductory book to Bitcoin create
thumb_up Andreas Antonopolous' Youtube Channel Author of "Mastering Bitcoin" and "The Internet of Money"('s) own youtube channel AAntonOP. A plethora of Bitcoin knowledge and expansive detail in Bitcoin's simplified theory throughout his many different speaking presentations around the globe. create
thumb_up LocalBitcoins Buy Bitcoins Worldwide From A Local Seller create
thumb_up Unocoin Most Secure Wallet create
thumb_up Coin Treat Market Cap create
thumb_up CryptoCompare Track your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies' investment, plus reviews on everything part of Bitcoin's Ecosystem create
thumb_up CryptoSec.Info Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallets and it’s Risks create
thumb_up Intro to Bitcoin Article on the basics of Bitcoin create
thumb_up Do Cryptocurrency A bitcoin and altcoin community with tips and tutorials on all things crypto create
thumb_up Bitcfx Exchange create
thumb_up Cryptoverze The Advanced Cryptocurrency Community create
thumb_up Articles, news, opinions about blockchain and criptos create
thumb_up University What is Bitcoin? A complete guide for crypto beginners create
thumb_up Bitcoin Uni Bitcoin compact deep education & services create
thumb_up CryptoCy News Bitcoin & Crypto News Site made Simple create
thumb_up What Is Bitcoin? Everything you need to know about Bitcoin. create
thumb_up CryptoSec The Ultimate Guide: Types of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallets create
thumb_up What Is Bitcoin What Is Bitcoin and 7 Advantages Of Bitcoin Network create
thumb_up CryptoRunner The Beginner's Guide to Getting Started with Bitcoin. Easy step-by-step instructions create
thumb_up Spanish Forum for Bitcoin Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Spanish Forum create
thumb_up CoinSutra A Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency community for the world create
thumb_up CoinCentral's Bitcoin Guide A Bitcoin Guide for the Average Person create
thumb_up Bitcoin Explained Like I'm Five Bitcoin explained in very simple terms, great read for beginners! create
thumb_up Segwit Bitcoin Processing Provider. RESTful API services: payment forwarding, QR-code generation, exchange rates, ticker. create
thumb_up SofMycoin Every day I receive in my email the sum of my all wallet create
thumb_up Rhymes With Fiat A humor-driven crypto webcomic with educational notes. create
thumb_up The big list of Bitcoin Frauds and Badsites. Updated 24/7. Over 6000 Domains since 2014 create
thumb_up Bitcoin news, tutorials, and guides. create
thumb_up Guide to Bitcoin An introduction to Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies create
thumb_up Netherum Site in spanish with info about cryptocurrency's create

Bitcoin Discussion

Name Description
thumb_up Bitcoin discussion on Reddit create
thumb_up Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash discussion on Reddit create
thumb_up Forums Forums create
thumb_up Bitcointalk Forum Bitcoin discussion forum create
thumb_up Bitcoin Forum create
thumb_up Bitcoin Uncensored Another uncensored Bitcoin subreddit create
thumb_up The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized Bitcoin Discussion Board create
thumb_up Whalepool Teamspeak Community of bitcoin traders & market participants on voice chat 24/7 create
thumb_up world Crypto network Try Some of the best Crypto talk on YT , join in with great panelist uncensored Bitcoin altcoin talk every day...Crypt on create
thumb_up Russian Bitcoin Forum create
thumb_up Bitcoin South Africa It's the largest South African crypto forum. create
thumb_up Crypto Aquarium A Telegram community of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, miners, developers, investors, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. create
thumb_up WhaleClub Telegram Bitcoin Trading Group create
thumb_up The Facebook Bitcoin Group Top Bitcoin Group On Facebook create
thumb_up Himanshu Kumar This is one of the Best News websites for all the Cryptocurrency, they are publishing news on all the top coins every day. create
thumb_up Bitcoin discussion in Australia create
thumb_up Smart Bitcoin Investments Forum The Official Discussion Form for Smart Bitcoin Investments create

Bitcoin Services

Name Description
thumb_up ShapeShift Trade cryptocurrencies instantly. create
thumb_up LocalBitcoins Buy and sell bitcoins near you create
thumb_up Purse.IO Save 15% Off Amazon with Bitcoin create
thumb_up Paxful Buy bitcoins instantly create
thumb_up Remitano Trade Bitcoin Fast and Securely create
thumb_up Blockonomics Easy to use bitcoin financial tracker create
thumb_up Buy Bitcoin Buy bitcoin with a credit card easily create
thumb_up Zebpay Simplest bitcoin wallet | Available on Android and iPhones. Fast transaction processing | Best rates Available only in India create
thumb_up Coinomi Free Secure Open-Source Multi-Coin HD Wallet for Bitcoin and Altcoins create
thumb_up This is a tutorial and resource page that shows: what is Bitcoin, history of bitcoin, resource list of valuable links about Bitcoin create
thumb_up Bitwala Banking with Bitcoin create
thumb_up Bitbond Borrow and invest without borders. create
thumb_up Exodus Bitcoin Wallet - Multi Assets Wallet All-in-one app to secure, manage and exchange blockchain assets. Exodus is the first desktop multi-asset wallet with ShapeShift built in. create
thumb_up O3 Wallet Provide SPV bitcoin wallets create
thumb_up Coinigi Trade market with Cryptocurrency create
thumb_up Bitcoin widgets for website create
thumb_up ChangeBot Wallet and P2P exchange in Telegram create
thumb_up BITKAN Global P2P Bitcoin Exchange| Global News| Wallet| Global Market Data create
thumb_up RichFund For trading large blocks of bitcoins (up to a 1,000) create
thumb_up BCTip Printable Bitcoin tips create
thumb_up inbitcoin business Access to Bitcoin technology for company ( B2B/B2C/M2M ) create
thumb_up Bitcoin explorer, blockchain API, market API, payment forwarding API, wallet API. create
thumb_up Uphold A wallet that supports saving and freezing the value of your bitcoins in fiat currency create
thumb_up Spendabit A search engine for "things you can buy with Bitcoin", including more than 3-million products from hundreds of merchants across the Web. create
thumb_up SanTienAo Buy, sell and exchange Bitcoin, ETH and other e-currencies instantly with local Vietnam bank create
thumb_up Metal Paper Wallet Titanium Cold Storage Wallet create
thumb_up Payleo create
thumb_up Liberalcoins The first local altcoin exchange create
thumb_up Hodl Hodl P2P cryptocurrency exchange create
thumb_up Coincall Super simple crypto portfolio tracker create
thumb_up Blockchair Blockchair is a blockchain search and analytics engine featuring Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum explorers, as well as full-text search over blockchain data. create
thumb_up CryptFolio A secure platform for traders, developers, funds managers and businesses to manage their cryptocurrencies. create
thumb_up Coindelta An Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange | Secure Transactions and Wallets, Fast Trading | Buy, Sell and Store Bitcoin, Ethereum and other currencies reliably create
thumb_up InstaShift An Easy way to make Peer to Peer Transaction | Presently available in India & Canada create
thumb_up Biterica Gift Bitcoin to anyone with an email address create
thumb_up AltCoin Converter by AltTopia Buy, sell and exchange Bitcoin, ETH and other cryptocurrencies instantly create
thumb_up Seekoin A Bitcoin/Blockchain specialized search engine create
thumb_up Web wallet with advanced tools create
thumb_up Lykke Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, FX and digital assets create
thumb_up Live price index vs. many different fiat currencies. create
thumb_up HitBTC Exchange create
thumb_up Ritzpay Simplest bitcoin wallet | Available on Android and iPhones. Fast transaction processing | Best rates create
thumb_up SimpleFX SimpleFX - 24/7 online trading platform create
thumb_up Helperbit Donate to NGOs and track how they are spending the funds, with full transparency of the economic flows create
thumb_up Abra Invest in Stocks, ETFs and Crypto anywhere in the world using bitcoin create
thumb_up P2P Digital Exchange create
thumb_up Free Price Comparison Tool Find the best place to buy & sell Bitcoin or Ethereum. create

Bitcoin Tutorials

Name Description
thumb_up Bitcoin Core Full Node Setup Setup a Bitcoin Core Full Node on most operating systems create
thumb_up How to Import a Private Key Step-by-step instructions on how to import a private key into many of the most popular Bitcoin wallets. create
thumb_up Electrum Wallet Guide Setup your own secure bitcoin storage. Step by step Electrum Wallet Guide create
thumb_up Information web about Bitcoin create
thumb_up Ganar Ganar Bitcoin All about Bitcoin technology in Spanish create
thumb_up Coin Kir CoinKir started to provide about digital currency knowledge we are covering here basic information about there are many Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum ass well. create
thumb_up Bitcoin: The Definitive Guide (2019) A comprehensive 8,000-word guide to Bitcoin's history, current state and future. create

Bitcoin Downloads

Name Description
thumb_up Bitcoin Core The third bitcoin client based on the original reference code by Satoshi Nakamoto. create
thumb_up Iguana Iguana is a full node software that allows full nodes to synchronize with the network in record times. Additionally compatible with Litecoin, Dogecoin, Komodo and over a dozen other crypto currencies create
thumb_up CRYPTOGROUND Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. create

Additional Bitcoin Resources

Name Description
thumb_up Bitcoin Stackexchange Question and Answer site for Cryptocurrency enthusiasts create
thumb_up Statoshi Realtime Bitcoin Blockchain Statistics create
thumb_up Buy Bitcoin Worldwide Get help buying bitcoins create
thumb_up Bitcoin.Travel Businesses accepting bitcoin worldwide. create
thumb_up CoinJournal Unbiased Bitcoin news create
thumb_up CodaCoin A collection of Bitcoin tools. create
thumb_up Bitcoin Vietnam News The largest Bitcoin community in Vietnam create
thumb_up BitcoinX Bitcoin Exchange Ratings & Reviews create
thumb_up Bitcoin.Directory High Quality Bitcoin Websites create
thumb_up Bitcoin Explainers Bitcoin Explained - Introduction to Bitcoin on YouTube create
thumb_up CryptoNinjas Global industry information & daily news source for bitcoin, blockchain, and the cryptocurrency market. create
thumb_up Wiki Bitcoin Wiki create
thumb_up BraveNewCoin News The highest-quality daily bitcoin news source. create
thumb_up Cryptodivisas Spanish cryptocurrency news portal create
thumb_up BloqueZero - Noticias de Bitcoin en Español Spanish Bitcoin News Independent Media create
thumb_up Bitcoin Passive Income News, knowledge, tips and tricks for Bitcoin Investors create
thumb_up Crypto Calendar (Leading Market Indicator) create
thumb_up BitcoinNews Germany Regularly actual and new reports about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. create
thumb_up Coin Market Cap A site that lists the current crypto-currencies and their standings. has resources to go back to time periods to help you explore the growth of any crypto-currency. A must have resource. create
thumb_up CriptoNoticias Leading bitcoin, blockchain and cryptoassets media outlet for the hispanic market create
thumb_up Bitcoin Burrow Ultimate Bitcoin guide. Get help buying, mining, and storing bitcoins! create
thumb_up Fennx News Your Bitcoin, Technology and Entertainment News Service. create
thumb_up Zebpay Bitcoin Exchange How to use Zebpay app - India's simplest bitcoin wallet create
thumb_up Bitcoin tutorials and website collection create
thumb_up Buyin Bitcoin Anonamously A guide to how you can buy Bitcoin without being traced create
thumb_up RU cryptocurrency channel Bitcoin / cryptocurrency discussion (Russian) create
thumb_up Eternity Wall Messages lasting forever on the bitcoin blockchain create
thumb_up Bitcoin Glossary Glossery of Bitcoin terms by Coinbase. create
thumb_up CryptoSec is a web resource focused on providing non-technical information to help the masses learn how to protect their funds against hackers and scammers. create
thumb_up CoinLookups A real-time cryptocurrency price tracker and useful resources for the crypto investor. create
thumb_up CryptoStash A hand-picked directory of cryptocurrency resources for beginners. create
thumb_up Diar Weekly newsletter on digital currency, assets, blockchain, central banking & regulation. This information service delivers data-driven forward outlook. create
thumb_up Bitcoin Lion Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies knowledge base create
thumb_up Bitcoin Gambler Everything you need to know about gambling with cryptocurrency online create
thumb_up BitcoinJustUseIt Go Shopping, Post What You Need, Pay With Bitcoin create
thumb_up Latest news and updates about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offers create
thumb_up CryptoAcquire Cryptocurrencies blog & investing tips create
thumb_up Bitcoin Ultimate Guide Everything you need to know about Bitcoin. Why to invest in this cryptocurrency, how to buy it and what is Bitcoin worth. create
thumb_up In this article autor explains what cryptocurrency is, unravels the mystery behind confusing cryptocurrency terms and examines why you might consider investing in cryptocurrency. create
thumb_up Buy Bitcoins with Bank Transfer Buy Bitcoins with Bank Transfer Buy bitcoins online in US Dollar (USD) with Bank Transfers ... Browse Bank Transfers: National bank transfer, SEPA (EU) bank transfer create
thumb_up Bitcoin Tax Calculator If you are a US citizen, your sales are subject to capital gains tax. Use TaxAct's free bitcoin tax calculator to estimate your taxes. create
thumb_up CryptoTrader.Tax Calculate capital gains and prepare taxes from bitcoin trading. create
thumb_up CryptoFox Everything about crypto for noobies and geecks in Russian create
thumb_up Coinranking A mobile-friendly price tracker of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and many more. On your phone, tablet and pc. create
thumb_up Bitcoin Warrior Political and Economic News highlighting the need for Bitcoin. Starter guides and Bitcoin resources. create
thumb_up Cointelegraph Spain Spanish crypto news of Cointelegraph create
thumb_up LearnToTradeBitcoinOnline Learn how to make money trading bitcoin. Full guides and tutorials available along with a selection of different trading strategies you can use. create
thumb_up Bitcoin Obituaries Tracking how many times Bitcoin was declared dead create
thumb_up Coinlib A modern and mobile-friend price tracking website. create
thumb_up Crypto Valuta Dutch cryptocurrency guides, charts and tools create
thumb_up CryptoTips Dutch Bitcoin starting guide and get help buying Bitcoin create
thumb_up CryptoSpot Belgium cryptocurrency guide create
thumb_up Crypto Post Cryptocurency Latest News, Reviews, Updates, ICOs, Technical and Fundamental Analysis create
thumb_up Belgium cryptocurrency guide create
thumb_up Virtual Coin Squad a list of businesses that accept cryptocurrencies as payment. create
thumb_up DigiCor Crypto-currency Market tracking indexes. create
thumb_up ChainScore Crypto ranking site create
thumb_up Documented Timeline of Exchange Hacks CryptoSec's list of documented timeline of bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges that's been hacked since Bitcoin's creation. create
thumb_up Bitcoin Uni Bitcoin deep education introduction in german. create
thumb_up Documented Timeline of Exchange Hacks A documented timeline of bitcoin & cryptocurrency related exchange hacks create
thumb_up Crypnotic Coin news and cryptocurrency market analysis and advice for experts and first-timers. create
thumb_up CryptoTradingSchoolOnline A site for people who want to learn how to trade Cryptocurrency. Includes lessons, guides and trading strategies. create
thumb_up С Cryptocurrency and blockchain news in Russian create
thumb_up German cryptocurrency guide create
thumb_up CryptoAud.Io CryptoAud.Io is a cryptocurrency news aggregator that creates summaries you can listen to create
thumb_up BBCd Learning Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Learning create
thumb_up LearnToTradeBitcoinOnline A site which provides information on how to trade bitcoin using an exchange and CFD trading broker. create
thumb_up Brave New Coin - Digital Currency Data BNC offers spot pricing for bitcoin and the top digital currencies to global financial markets and data vendors. create
thumb_up CoinAlyze Cryptocurrency real-time price charts, statistics, price alerts, trollbox, news and candlestick patterns detection. create
thumb_up Coiners Italian website about Blockchain and criptocurrencies create
thumb_up Datacoinz Compare more than 1600 Cryptocurrencies, and find the best price to buy on more than 80 Markets create
thumb_up Mycryptopedia Detailed introduction to Bitcoin create
thumb_up CoinGape Bitcoin & Blockchain News and Analysis create
thumb_up Bit News Daily Top Stories and Latest News for Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies. create
thumb_up Find Bitcoin ATM Australian Bitcoin ATM locator and user guides. create
thumb_up Satoshi Disk Upload, share and sale any files or text for Bitcoins. Free Service. create
thumb_up BTCNOVOSTI.COM The latest news and analysis on bitcoin, digital currency and blockchain. create
thumb_up Cryptocurrency 360 Cryptocurrency market information, price charts, and more for over 2,000 coins. create
thumb_up Bitcoin Fees App Mobile Bitcoin transaction fee guide. create
thumb_up Cryptocurrency explained in Dutch. Various whitepaper translations. create
thumb_up Complete overview of Cryptocurrency Market create
thumb_up Coinsranks Cryptocurrency prices and market capitalizations tracker for the most popular exchanges. create
thumb_up How to Buy Bitcoin A step-by-step guide showing exactly how to buy Bitcoin from popular exchanges. create
thumb_up CryptoKickoff Dutch cryptocurrency manual & informational website. Also includes alot of different currencies and it's price, information & last months chart. create

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